You are hereThe Faldo Series in Greece – A Gemstone for Greek Tourism

The Faldo Series in Greece – A Gemstone for Greek Tourism

Έλλη Αμπραβανέλ-Βαλσαμίδη

The news traveled around the world, because whatever Sir Nick Faldo is
involved with makes the news. And simply by being connected with his
name, Greece automatically gained a share in the prestige this great athlete
exerts and, naturally, in the publicity that accompanies him. This is
particularly so when it comes to his educational work in developing a culture
of golf in young people – work for which the Queen of England, the patron
of golf, honored him with the title of Sir.

Of course I was aware of the significance that the association with the
Faldo name would have for Greece, not only for the sport but also for our
tourist industry. But I confess that I was surprised, satisfied and delighted
when I began receiving email messages from the U.S. and Europe
congratulating us on the playing of the Faldo Series Junior Golf
Championship in Greece. Indeed, some American golfers also expressed a
desire to come and play on the Costa Navarino golf course.
However, my joy at the association of Greek golfing with the Faldo Series
was mitigated by a persistent sorrow for the lost wealth that Greece has
deprived itself of

Ellie Abravanel Valsamidis